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Eau Sela is the natural mineral water from southwest in Cambodia. it is healthy alternative to other beverages and  combines with natural elements. Eau Sela has been found in a deep aquifer presents an excellent mineralization and located at the foot of Mount Ka Oung in Sihanouk Ville.

The great thing about natural mineral water is that it is bottled in the same state as it is extracted from the ground. It is not subject to chemical or microbiological treatments because it is pure at origin and salubrious by nature.


  • 330ml ( 25 bottle/Box)
  • 500ml ( 25 bottle/Box)
  • 1500ml ( 12 bottle/Box)


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Rd4, Bueng Trach Village, Chormka Loung  Commune, Kompong Sela District, Sihanouk Vill, Cambodia.

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Tel : (+855) 098 98 42 52